Philips Fidelio L1 – High Fidelity and Premium Quality for Authentic Listening Experience

Headphones are not just about the sound quality alone, wearing comfort is equally a factor especially for users who have active lifestyle and always on the go. For the highest standards in audio and comfort, Philips Fidelio L1 is the ideal headband headphones that can give that authentic listening experience. These are exquisitely designed and crafted for comfort and convenience, tuned for clarity and quality, and made from finest materials for high fidelity and premium quality wherever you go.

In terms of sound, the Philips Fidelio features neodymium driver that has vent in the center to create extended but controlled bass and transparent mid-range. The incorporated light voice coil provides quick response to match the pace of music thus helping to deliver high definition sound. To reduce unwanted vibration and resonance, the Philips Fidelio uses aluminum earshells mounted on a layer of engineering plastics for strength and stability. Additionally, it has acoustic semi-open back architecture for natural sound, carefully tested drivers for balanced sound output, speakers tilted to ear’s natural angle for clarity, oxygen-free, fabric-lined cable for improved signal transmission.

When it comes to comfort, the Philips Fidelio has memory foam earpads for ergonomic fit perfect for long hours of listening. It is also made only from the finest materials including aluminum, real leather, protein leather and fabric. It has integrated iPhone remote, mic, 6.3mm adapter and comes with pouch.

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