Perform Ultimate Projects with HP Z820 WORKSTATION

Every demanding project needs a workstation that is fully equipped inside and out to accomplish even the most challenging projects of users and this is what the new HP Z820 Workstation is built for. Featuring expandable design, the HP Z820 Workstation provides you the confidence producing only the best work you deserve. As it is designed to meet a large number of needs, this HP Z820 offers you enhanced tool-free access and also incredible power at whisper-quiet levels. What this leads to is unparalleled design power within a system that’s sleek and uncluttered, from inside and out.

To make it possible for you to work faster and more effectively, the HP Z820 uses next generation Intel Xeon processors and supports for 2 processors which allow it to operate with up to 16 processing cores. This is even enhanced by the C600 series chipset, LSI SAS 2308 controller, and dual Quick Path Interconnects between the processors. Additionally, to work like a real professional, the HP Z820 Workstation supports a wide range of cards from Pro 2D to ultra high-end 3D graphics and even NVIDIA’s Maximus,

The HP Z820 Workstation also gives you flexibility with its rackable design that provides 7 expansion slots, 7 expansion bays and 4 channel integrated DDR3 memory with 16 slots and support for up to 512GB capacity. There are also more storage and input and output options like USB 3.0 ports on the front and internal to the system as well as HDD/ODD and external SATA devices.

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