Pebble Android – It's Not your Typical Smartwatch

Your smartphone contains almost every information and app that you need – from weather to direction up to social networks and email – everything seems to be right at the touch of your fingers. But if you’re the type who’s

always on the go and does no

t find it very convenient to hold a smartphone from time to time, then you might want to use a smartwatch instead. It’s actually the favorite geek gadget of many users with very active lifestyles since it eliminates the inconvenience of having to hold it every time. So, are you interested to get one? If yes, then check out what the Pebble Android has to offer.

At first look, it’s like your typical smartwatch, but wait until you’ve experienced all the great features that this one has. For one, it’s customizable – you can connect it to either Android phone or to an iPhone. Yes, this is the first smartphone to have iPhone support, so this definitely gives more convenience. And since it enables you to view text messages, incoming calls, Tweets, etc. on its 144 x 168-resolution e-paper, outdoor-readable display, you’ll never miss important calls and updates again.

Now, how about pairing? Well, this is made a lot easier as a Pebble app can be downloaded to Android phones and iPhones and configuration settings are very simple to operate. Also, this smartwatch has built-in apps, which allow you to do things like track the miles you’ve run, check the latest weather bulletin, and control your phone’s music. But if you want more apps, you can always check the Pebble watchapp store.

The Pebble Android really has a lot to offer. But if you want to see more options first, feel free to check out these related smartwatches.

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