Panasonic’s 2012 Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Players Lineup

Panasonic gadget lovers out there – here’s good news for you! A new line of full HD 3D Blu-ray disc players is made available for you this year. This includes the BBT01, BDT500, BDT320,and BDT 220 – all high-quality players that boast better features like expanded VIERA connect, improved processor, smartphone remote, improved super resolution processor, built-in wifi system and reduced power consumption. Each year, Panasonic strives to introduce innovations to their products and launch better line up to cater to the changing demands of customers like you. And so this year is no different – check these new models from Panasonic and see for yourself!

To give you a brief overview, all these Blu-ray disc players are full HD 3D, so these will sure take your viewing experience to the next level. They also offer high clarity sound plus, thanks to their built-in UniPhier chip that effectively eliminates unnecessary wiring leading to reduced noise on the picture and absolute minimum sound signal. And if you currently own a Panasonic Blu-ray player and you’re enjoying its VIERA connect feature, all the more you’ll love this new lineup because this is made even better with an expanded VIERA connect, utilizing only cloud technology that offers a wide array of sites ranging from entertainment and sports to news, gaming, health & fitness, and of course, social networking. So, what more can you ask?

With the four models included in this lineup, you sure have more options to choose from. And here, check out more Panasonic Blu-ray players available.

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