Optrix Lets You Capture Extreme Adventure using Your iPhone 4S or iPod Touch

The good – your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch have a powerful camera with geotagging features and enough megapixels that it can be used as a replacement for your regular point and shoot digital cameras. The bad – like your typical digicams, your iPhone 4S or iPod Touch wouldn’t last a minute in an extreme adventure photoshoot. The solution – the new Optrix. Capturing activities has never been very easy because of Optrix. It is a water-proof casing that is intended to protect your iPhone 4S or iPod Touch in any extreme situations like rain, accidental drop in a puddle , or in any extreme sports.

The Optrix lets you do many things while enclosed in your Apple device. It allows you to operate your iPhone 4S or iPod Touch to watch, edit, upload, and even share images or videos thanks to its 0.5mm thick touchscreen membrane. This also makes the Optrix the only POV camera that can let you do those functionalities. Plus, it helps you easily see what you are shooting to always capture the perfect shot. The anti-vibration sled inside the Optrix eliminates vibration while the curved and flat mounting plates attached using the 3M adhesive tape allows you to position the Optrix depending on your needs.

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