Nike+ FuelBand ICE – Coming Out Soon in US and UK

<div style=order cialis online no prescription” width=”540″ height=”287″ />After its successful launch earlier this year, Nike+ Fuelband is coming out in US and UK stores this month. But people from these locations would be happier to know that what they’d get is the ICE edition of this product – a limited edition run that can be distinguished mainly through its frozen looking cover. Yes, simply look at the image above and its cover allows you to partially see inside the product and view the technology behind it. It’s great looking, isn’t it?

The Nike+ Fuelband is basically a wristband that enables any user to

track movement throughout the day. Designed mainly to motivate and inspire users to be more active, this is definitely one of the best workout/health gadgets that anyone should have. It functions by capturing and displaying four metrics such as time, calories, steps, and NikeFuel – the metric that measures all your athletic activities. The NikeFuel score alone makes physical activity a lot more fun to do, as it allows you to compare scores and compete with other athletes. So basically, the more movement you do, the more NikeFuel score you earn – so, yes this product spells F-U-N! Whether you are out there playing tennis or baseball or merely throwing frisbee in the air or taking your dog out for a walk, this product will measure every movement, taking your physical activity to a much more fun level.

So, are you looking forward to the Nike+ FuelBand ICE to hit your stores soon? Here, check out the Nike+ FuelBand to know more.

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