NAD VISO 1 – Not Your Ordinary iPod Speaker Dock

Your old iPod speaker dock seems outdated, with all the exciting designs coming out in the market, it’s high time you make that big switch. Yes, getting a new one this year is definitely a good idea, after all it’s already been years since you last b

ought one. So, what are you after more this time? Is it design, audio quality, or both? If you answer both, then you might be interested to check out the NAD VISO 1. Pure and simple – these are actually the two words that best describe this product. And since it’s wireless, you’ll never have to deal with annoying wires again.

The main highlight of this product is the combined innovative digital audio technology and renowned NAD performance, simplicity, and value that’s included in its features. So if you get one, you can expect nothing but excellent audio quality – it’s as if you’re listening to a life musical performance. And because it has an integrated Bluetooth, you can wirelessly play your music not just from your iPod but

also from your Apple devices and other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It’s also very easy to use, no need to set-up complicated wires whatsoever, simply take it out of the box and you can enjoy it in an instant.

There are really more reasons why anyone will fall in love with this gadget accessory. From audio quality and design to flexibility and convenience, indeed it’s not the typical iPod speaker dock that you know. Get the NAD VISO 1 here now!

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