Monitor Audio i-deck 200 – Portable and Sophisticated iPod Compact Speaker System

Compact sound systems are commonly used for their powerful audio quality and elegant designs. And Monitor Audio’s i-deck 200 just redefined what means to be a true performing compact system with extremely intuitive design.

The i-deck 200 combines the precise wide-band sound of much larger conventional Hi-Fi system with the qualities of a dock system, all in one brilliant compact device. It has Dual 100mm C-CAM metal cone bass drivers; each is powered by custom-configured 50-watt amplifiers and has 25mm Gold dome tweeters. The C-CAM cones are significantly highly resistant to bending stress thus eliminates audible distortion compared to ordinary cones. The dome tweeters, on the other hand, are created from ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy and anodized with gold finish under particular thickness for ideal firmness and damping characteristics. These are also thinner and lighter than other domes made from other materials. The best part of the i-deck 200 is that it is engineered with Automatic Position Correction system which lets an integrated microphone measure certain irregularities brought by imperfect room positions. It even uses advanced Digital Signal Processor or DSP that automatically adjusts the device for ideal audio quality. Additionally, the Bass Level Management (BLM) keeps an optimum sound balance even when listening at lower volume levels. The compact sound system can play virtually all songs from an iPod or iPhone thanks to its own premium 28/56 bit dual precision Digital-Analog converter (DAC). For continuous audio experience, the automatic intelligent charge feature charges an iPod when docked on the i-deck 200.

You can get a Monitor Audio i-deck 200 here.

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