modulR Tough Case with Cover Stand – Protects your iPad Like No Other

First, there was the iPad and came next the iPad 2. Now, the latest, which is referred to as the new iPad, continuous to gain popularity in the tech world. In fact, more and more geek gadget lovers are switching to this latest Apple product to experi

ence its slimmer design and more advanced features. If you’re one of them, then it’s high time you also upgrade to more reliable iPad accessories. Still using typical iPad case that looks a bit overused now? If yes, then why not replace it with this accessory from modulR

– the Tough Case with Cover Stand?

Unlike the typical case for your iPad, the modulR does more than just protecting your iPad from scratches, dents, and any forms of dirt. It also serves as a cover stand, so you can enjoy computing from your iPad, watching movies, and listening to your playlist. As a tough case, it basically features a hard outer shell that is tough enough to endure any impact that may cause damage to your iPad. It is also designed with ergonomic grips, which make it all the more comfortable for you to hold it even for longer duration. Plus, it comes with a removable cover, which is effective at protecting your screen And other features that this accessory include are a forward-facing sound port, a free hand strap, and compatibility with all modulR accessories. So, are you interested to get one?

Your iPad deserves equally reliable accessories. The same is true with your iPhone. If you want to see related iPhone tough case, click here.


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