MiLi Power Cooper – An All-for-One Charging Dock for Apple Devices

Every gadget is usually bundled with its own charging device. And if you have different devices, it also involves more charging cables. That would be inconvenient especially when they get tangled inside your bag. Now, you don’t need to carry additional cables or charging devices with you to replenish your Apple devices. The new MiLi Power Cooper is the first one-for-all battery stand designed for virtually all versions of iPhones, iPods, iPad 2, and even future versions of these Apple devices.

The MiLi Power Cooper has a built-in USB input and Apple dock system which brings a convenient wireless experience. The 3,000mAh Lithium polymer battery capacity can increase an iPhone’s battery life up to 3 times more. The MiLi Power Cooper has four LED indicators that show power level, representing 25% of battery usage for every indicator. The best part of this charging device is its intelligent identification that automatically defaults to 0.5A once plugged to a laptop or other devices using 0.5A electric source and shifts back to 1A power source when plugged into a DC electric source.

On the outside, the MiLi Power Cooper boasts a smooth black finish with stylish blue strips on the curvy stand.This folding stand can provide optimal viewing angles whether for Facetime or movies viewing. The self-charging time of the MiLi Power Cooper is 7 hours and it’s pretty easy to use using its on/off button.

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