Maverick ET-84 – The Voice Alert Anticipation Thermometer

Cooking meat dishes can both be fun and stressful at

the same time. Fun because you get to cook some of your family’s favorite dishes, but stressful because you need to constantly check on the meat’s tenderness so as not to overcook it. And if you are doing more house chores at the same time, cooking can even be more frustrating. If only you have some sort of alarm to let you know if your dish is already cooked or not, this task won’t be a hassle at all. But wait, there’s actually one product that does just that – monitor your foods anticipated cooking time and alarms to let you know if food is ready or not. Introducing the all-new Maverick ET-84.

Designed as a Voice Alert Anticipation Thermometer, this product from Maverick functions mainly by monitoring not just the anticipated and elapsed cooking time but also the actual cooking temperature of your dish. It features 4 preset meat options based on USDA doneness levels, so all you’ve got to do is set the timer to your desired level of doneness. Now, if you think the preset options are not good enough for you, then you can very much create your own temperature setting as this device allows you to do just that.

So, say goodbye to overcooked meat, and say hello to deliciously cooked meal. Now, you can do all the house chores that you need to do without compromising your cooking.

Here’s the complete list of features of this product:

– Efficiently monitors the anticipated cooking time, elapsed cooking time, and actual cooking temperature of your food
– Designed with 4 preset meat options based on USDA doneness levels or you can create your own temperature setting
– Automatically beeps to let you know how much time is left before the food is ready
– Includes a poultry option that features “Don’t forget to baste” voice reminders
– Temperatures can be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Purchase the Maverick ET-84 here today.

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