Make the Most Out of Your Car Stereo with Belkin CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth

With the number of cool gadgets and gadget accessories that you have now such as your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other MP3 players at that, chances are you no longer make use of your car stereo to keep you entertained when driving or simply relaxing inside your vehicle. But why put it aside if it can still very much serve its purpose and more? So instead of leaving your car stereo to be totally useless, better make the most out of it by pairing it with the Belkin CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth.

You see, even with your latest gadgets around, your car stereo can still serve its purpose by simply connecting any of your gadgets such as your smartphone to it through the CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth. All you need to do is to open your device’s Bluetooth and pair it with the CarAudio Connect. After that, connect it to the car stereo by means of FM transmission and that’s it! Now, you can start enjoying all your favorite music on your playlist without setting aside your ride’s precious stereo.

But hey, the benefits of this gadget doesn’t end there! While listening to music, you suddenly find the need to make calls on your smartphone? No worries because the CarAudio Connect also allows you to make hands-free calls without the need to disconnect. And since it comes with a microphone, you’ve got the option to attach it magnetically to any spot you like inside your vehicle. Just make sure the spot is convenient and close enough to your for quality voice pick-up.

Want to have this gadget? Get the Belkin CarAudio Connect FM Bluetooth here today.

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