MAINGEAR Arms Fleet with Latest AMD HD7000 Series Cards

Technology moves at a fast pace and if you don’t want to fall behind – you better keep up. That’s what MAINGEAR, an award-winning builder of custom gaming desktops, has been doing to continually improve the gaming experience of their customers. Now, to keep up with the most demanding PC game titles, MAINGEAR outfitted their desktops with the latest AMD Radeon HD7950 and HD7970 graphics card. These cards offer some serious graphics firepower, search around and you’ll see that these new cards will allow you to play the latest in maximum settings.

These latest gaming arsenals will be initially armed into MAINGEAR’s SHIFT and F131 desktop systems and will also be installed to their VYBE and EPIC line. The AMD Radeon HD7970 natively supports DirectX 11 and comes with AMD Eyefinity advanced multi-display technology for immersive gaming and entertainment experience. The card features the world’s first 28nm GPU, 3GB of DRR5 memory, 2 DVI, 2 mini-display ports, and 1 HDMI output. These cards can be configured in either TriFire or QuadFire set-up. Additionaly, the new Radeon HD7970s take advantage of the latest GCN architecture that utilizes higher clock speeds on the fly for superior gaming performance. With MAINGEAR arming their fleet with the latest AMD Radeon graphics solution, every customer will be assured that their gaming rig is ready to take on the latest and upcoming graphic intensive games.

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