Magic Geek Ball – It Has All the Answers

Are you where to buy cialis now familiar with the Magic 8 Ball? It’s the toy people used for fortune-telling or seeking advice. Perhaps, you’ve used one already. So, what questions did you ask from it? Was it about your career? Romance? Or was it about anything that concerned your family? The Magic Geek Ball actually works like the Magic 8 Ball, only that this is made more fun for all – especially for older geeks who already know what abbreviations like RTFM mean.

Do you know what RTFM mean? How about LOL and FTW? Oh, and are you familiar with 404 error? All these and 5 more funny answers will be revealed to you once you ask the Magic Geek Ball series of yes/no questions. Why not start with, “Am I going to have a fun time with this geek ball?” Now, shake it, turn it over, and hold the viewing window level to know the answer. No, it’s not a typical YES answer that you’ll get! The result is something that only a true geek will be able to understand.


* A ball that’s fluent in geek speak and is ready to answer all your yes/no questions.
* Can provide 20 different answers to have a peak at your future.
* Especially made for older geeks (aka. those who already know what things like RTFM mean).
* Measures 3.75″ diameter.

Having this geek ball is really more fun than you think. Want to have one for yourself or want to give one as gadget gift? Order the Magic Geek Ball right here.

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