LilyPad – Solar iPad Case, Charger, and More

If you’re a heavy user of iPad, either for web browsing, online messaging, email, viewing movies, and more, you need to bring along your charger with you all the time, so your gadget won’t run out of juice while in the middle of something. But this is usually easier said than done, especially if you are not used to carrying a bag or if your bag has very limited space. So, what to do then? Limit yourself from using it so as not to lose battery soon enough? Nah, that doesn’t sound so good! Why not use an iPad case that works as a charger at the same time instead? Yes, that’s possible with the LilyPad – the solar iPad case and charger in one!

What makes LilyPad totally different from the other iPad case products available is its ability to charge your gadget’s battery pack. Using power from ambient light sources, whether indoors or outdoors, this solar case/charger makes sure that your iPad will never run out of juice again. And you know what’s more amazing about this? You can also charge your other gadgets such as your phone or digital camera through this product. How? Simply plug any of your device into the USB port and that’s it! And if the forgetful you strikes again, not remembering where you’ve last seen your iPad, no worries because all you have to do is whistle and this case will beep back to let you know its location. So cool, right?

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  1. This is awesome! I just emailed the link to my business partner and might “knock off” your idea for when we do our very first Expo at the Professional Organizing Convention in March. I remember seeing your booth at NYIGF but I’m not sure we stopped by or not. Will you be at the Stationary Show in May?

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