Library of Classics MP3 Player Lets You Enjoy the World’s Greatest Books

Imagine yourself enjoying all the world’s greatest books, from Tom Sawyer and Gulliver’s Travels to Little Women and Hamlet, while you’re on walks, in the car, in an airplane, or in your home. That would be totally relaxing, most specially if you won’t have to read a single word to enjoy them. Possible? Yes, of course! All you need is the Library of Classics MP3 Player.

Measuring no bigger than a deck of cards, the Library of Classics MP3 Player is loaded with 100 greatest books of all time. Each book is actually in audio book format, so you don’t have to exert a single effort reading – just press play, listen, relax, and enjoy. So whether you are at the beach getting a tan, in the car on long road trip, at the airport waiting for boarding, or simply inside your home, you no longer have an excuse not being able to read a book a day because this Library of Classics already made everything a lot more convenient for you.

And you know what’s the biggest advantage of this over buying the 100 preloaded books separately at your nearest bookshop? It’s way, way cheaper! With a price tag of only $99.99, you are able to get each book for nearly one bucks. How cool is that? Just imagine the $400 plus you’ll save from each book, and you’ll say that this gadget is a real value for money. How about getting a nice haircut or another cool gadget with these savings?

Check out the Library of Classics MP3 Player and other products here.

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