LED Kitchen Garden – Your Year-Round Garden

Are you into gardening? Do you have your own garden at your backyard? If none, then what’s stopping you from having one? Is it the changing weather? Well, that’s no longer a problem because soon, you can have your very own garden right inside your kitchen. Introducing the LED Kitchen Garden!

This newest geek gadget uses only light wavelengths for rapid plant growth. So, even during rainy days or winter days, you can grow your favorite fresh herbs, fruits, or vegetables without any inconvenience. The 95% of light provided by this device is enough to keep them from withering – just make sure to water and feed your plants for the best results. It also features a preprogrammed LED light system using only proprietary Grow Logicll light management system and offers different LED wavelengths to enhance your plants’ growth. And as far as cost efficiency is concerned, well no worries because this one is made to be very cost-efficient and requires only low energy usage.

So, why wait for the cold days or extra warm days to be over if you can grow plants year-round right at your very own kitchen? Here’s the summary of features of this product:

– Optimized light wavelengths for rapid plant growth

– Greater than 95% light use by plants

– Cost efficient, low energy usage

– Little Maintenance Required. Just water and feed your plants!

– Different LED wavelengths to enhance growth

– No danger of overheating plants

– Light weight and portable

– Excellent platform to start plants for an early Spring planting

– Preprogrammed LED light system using proprietary Grow LogicII™ light management system

– Exceptional platform for quickly growing nutritious sprouts

Get the LED Kitchen Garden here.

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