Learn Drums Easily with ION DISCOVER DRUMS Tabletop Drum Set

If you have order cialis without perscription been dreaming to be a drummer, it’s not yet late to unleash that mad skills in you. Learning to play drums is now easier with a lot of tutorials from video demonstrations, play-along CDs, printed materials, professional instructions, or online courses. And now, a new product lets you rock out loud in no time using ion DISCOVER DRUMS! This is a tabletop drum set that teaches you how to play drums in a quicker and even easier way!

The DISCOVER DRUMS tabletop drum set comes with built-in learning features, on-board speakers, and a pair of drumsticks letting you ready to rock right out of the box. It allows you to create and customize your own drum set with its 50 different sounds from drum, cymbal, percussion, and other sounds. You can assign any of these sounds to the four drum pads. There are also 50 patterns that you can play along with and a follow-the-lights exercise that practices your rhythm and timing. If you want to play and listen to your music quietly, you can use the headphones or if you want to rock out, simply use the built-in speaker. The DISCOVER DRUMS tabletop drum set is powered by 6 D batteries which are sold separately or can run on a wall socket using its included AC adapter.

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