LCD Panel $1.1 Billion Settlement Fund

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When LCD flat screen TVs came out, a 32 inch wall mounted LCD HD TV was the trophy in your living room. It was the latest and certainly was not the cheapest option. And those laptops with flat brilliant LCD screens, that you are so proud to bring to and from work. They are not cheap and you paid premiuim to enjoy the latest technology during those years. This the chance to get something back from your investment.

Lawsuits involving an illegal conspiracy in raising the prices of LCD panels were settled by ten leading electronics manufacturers. LCD panels are used in LCD flat screen TVs, monitors and laptops.

The $1.1 billion settlement fund will be shared among the eligible consumers. To file a claim , consumers just need to answer few simple questions about their purchased laptop, LCD TV or monitor. Only purchases done within 1996 and 2006 are eligible for this claim.

Eligible consumers may receive $25, $00, $200 or more. The total number of purchased products and the number of claims filed will determine the exact amount of payment. There are no documents, not even a receipt, required for small claims.

December 6, 2012 is the deadline for a filing a claim. For further info please visit

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