Koubachi – A Simple and Handy Way to Keep your Plants Alive

Having a hard time keeping your plant alive? Well, maybe you fail to water it regularly. Or perhaps it’s not getting the right amount of light and ambient temperature it needs. Water, light, and temperature are the three most important elements that your plant need to survive. Absence or lack of any of these three may shorten its life. So, what’s your main reason why you sometimes forget to provide them with the three? Is it because you don’t know how much and order propecia when they need them? Then, take the guesswork out of caring for your plants – use only the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor.

Designed as a simple and handy tool to keep your plants alive, the Koubachi is highly technological as it is equipped with best in-class soil moisture sensor known to provide unmatched accurate measurements. This basically works like your plant’s roots, measuring the exact amount of water that is available to it. Now, once it sensed that your plant is running out of water, you’ll be notified in an instant, so you can water it as soon as you can. Thanks to its built-in wi-fi feature, communication between the sensor and the Koubachi server is made more convenient, thus you know what your plant needs in real-time. And what else does your plant need? Oh, temperature and light! No problem as this product also monitors temperature and provides light advice and alerts. This way you always know if the condition is too warm or too cold for your plant or if it is not in the right location.

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