Konnet iCrado Pro – A Worth Cradle for the Galaxy

A smart person would not be caught sleeping on some random street inside a 1971 Ford Pinto, a 1998 Fiat Multipla, or a 2001 Pontiac Aztek. A classy smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note should not be caught resting on a cheap looking plastic cradle. Get a more worthy pedestal for your Samsung Galaxy – get the new Konnet iCrado Pro Desktop Cradle. What sets it apart from cheap-o cradles is that it is made from metal and not plastic for that elegant look. It comes with a curvy and practical design to allow you to dock your Samsung Galaxy phones with their case on. Its extra wide opening allows docking of Samsung Galaxy devices in or out of their protective cases. Basically this universal desktop solution from Konnet will enable you to recharge, synchronize, and dock your Galaxy devices easily and more importantly with class. Now, Galaxy users won’t be envious of all those metallic designer cradles previously limited to iPhones when they have the new iCrado.

The iCrado desktop dock also features advanced sound reflection that naturally enhances the Galaxy’s audio quality and microphone reception for crisp and clean listening. The iCrado cradle comes in two colors – brushed

metallic black or metallic silver. Package includes dock and USB cable.

More Samsung Galaxy docks can be found here at GeekieStore.

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Konnet KN-8327 iCrado Pro Metal Charging Stand / Kit with Charge and Sync Cable
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