Know the Optimal Tacking Time and Route with Sailing GPS

The use of GPS mapping and navigation has been the commonly used applications of GPS. This technology involves locating the area, finding the route from origin to destination or suggesting and selecting the optimal route in real-time. More and more GPS solutions are now made available for use on different applications like aviation, vehicle tracking, golf course and now for sailing – introducing canada online pharmacy propecia the Sailing GPS. This GPS device is the first tool that can give details for sailboat tacking when calculating the best routes, distances and Tacking Time to Destination.

Getting the finest sailing angle and knowing the projected arrival time are difficult making these the longstanding problems of even experienced sailors. Good thing the Sailing GPS can learn a boat’s unique speed profile on any sailing position. It can display the optimal tacking angles by simply entering the wind directions and destination using the two buttons. The Tacking Time to Destination ™ can also be calculated plus the distances on every tacking leg by entering the boat length, distance to destination, and wind speed. The Sailing GPS is fast and simple to use and more accurate than common polar plots from manufacturers or simulations.

Featuring a large display which is viewable from a distance, the Sailing GPS is readable even under sunlight and may even be easily viewed using polarized sunglasses compared to smartphone and tablet screens. It is also water-resistant and durable so it stays protected from any activity when cruising. This portable and handheld device comes with waterproof soft bag with tie-downs and is perfect to use on all sizes of sailboats, old and new, and can be used by almost everyone from occasional sailors to racers. It uses Bluetooth technology for wireless sharing of GPS data with a computer.

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