Kitchen Proof Your Tablet PC with Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

Good news for the self proclaimed Chef de cuisine of their home kitchen – you can now have your own Sous-chef holding your tablet PC while you cook thanks to Belkin’s Chef Stand plus Stylus. This device basically allows you to use your tablet while you cook without worrying about the mess. Specially designed with home chefs in mind, the Chef Stand + Stylus offers you the freedom to interact freely with your tablet while you work in the kitchen with its case compatible non-slip rubber base and two choices of angles that are perfect for countertop usage. The included wand, on the other hand, allows you to follow and navigate through recipes, and surf the web without having to touch the screen of the tablet. Furthermore, it has its own storage stand so you can easily grab it when you’re busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The magnetic tip of the wand is designed to seamlessly work with any touchscreen display and it can also wake up an iPad 2. All the components of the Chef Stand + Stylus are washable. To clean, simply use warm and soapy water.

Here’s the quick summary of features of the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus:

• Kitchen-safe and made for use with messy hands
• Stand has a non-slip rubber base and dual angles for easy viewing on a kitchen countertop
• Stylus is easy to grip and has a magnetic tip that can wake up an iPad 2
• Includes stand, stylus, stylus holder
• Hand-washable
• Case-compatible
• 1-Year Limited Warranty

Get your own Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus here!

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