Keystone ECO Booster 2.0, 2000mAh Battery Pack for Micro USB Smart Phones & iPod/iPhone

Your smart phone, no matter what brand it is, would be utterly useless if its battery is drained and you are miles away from your place or don’t have a spare battery on hand. This would be so frustrating especially if you are expecting or need to make an important call and if you want to connect to the internet to check an urgent email while on the go. So, to save yourself from any of these disappointments, it’s high time you consider getting the Keystone ECO Booster 2.0.

Designed as an ultra slim 1400 mAH battery pack with a built-in retractable Micro USB cable, the Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 is your perfect bet if you want your smart phone juiced up all day and night. It is made to charge all smart phones that use micro USB power input, so no need to worry about running out of juice for your beloved gadgets or bringing along 2 or more separate chargers to juice them up from time to time. With the Keystone ECO Booster 2.0, all you need to do is pull out its retractable Micro USB cable, connect it to your smart phone, and that’s it! It also features blue LED indicators, so you’ll know if your phone is charging or if it’s fully charged already.

Product specs:

– 1400 mAh, rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Easily recharges through USB power either Booster alone or with phone together using the Micro USB cable that comes with the smart phone.
– With built-in retractable Micro USB Cable for charging all Smart phones except iPhone.
– Can be attached to the back of smart phone with the built-in adhesive pad while charging.
– Has a removable snap-on cover to protect the adhesive pad or use as a stand vertically or horizontally.
– Includes battery check button & LED indicators.
– Highly portable as it’s ultra slim, only 0.53″ thin and lightweight at about 2.1 oz.

Buy the Keystone ECO Booster 2.0 here at Geekie Store.

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