Kensington KeyFolio – Create Content Anywhere with your iPad

If there’s one advantage of the laptop over the iPad, it would be its keyboard feature because this makes creating content a lot more convenient for users than merely touching the screen to type with the iPad. You see, more people are still used to typing over a keyboard than on the screen, especially when creating important documents and writing email. So if you ask iPad users what is the first accessory they’ll get for their iPad, iPad 2, or new iPad aside from iPad case, their answer would be a keyboard. Good thing, these two accessories are rolled into one these days just like this Kensington KeyFolio.

The Kensington KeyFolio looks like a standard iPad case at first glance. But once you open it, you’ll see that it’s more than just an iPad case. It actually includes a one-touch pairing Bluetooth keyboard and it can be adjusted in multiple angles for your own writing convenience – thanks to its integrated magnets! On top of that, it also features a unique multi-suction grip pad, so you can enjoy maximum flexibility whether you choose landscape or portrait viewing. Plus, it has a microfiber interior, allowing it to snap-close easily and protecting it from constant scratches and wear.

Without a keyboard for your iPad, iPad 2, or new iPad, you can’t expect to be productive on the go. So for you to create content anytime, anywhere with it, make sure you equip it with one. Get your beloved iPad a Kensington KeyFolio Expert here today.

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