Keep your Kindle Safe, Powered, and Illuminated with SolarKindle Lighted Cover

If you want to maximize the use of your Kindle, you need to keep it protected, powered, and illuminated all the time. But it could be quite pricey if you get three separate accessories for these three different functions. Good thing, there’s now an accessory that does all these in 1. Yes, you need just one accessory and it’s called the SolarKindle Lighted Cover!

Keep your Kindle Safe

There’s nothing more frustrating than to see your Kindle all bruised up simply because you failed to equip it with a reliable case. And it’s even more frustrating if you’ve seen scratches just days after buying it. So to keep your Kindle safe, you must use the SolarKindle Lighted Cover. It’s form-fitted, so you’re guaranteed that it will fit your Kindle well and protect it from all forms of damage. It’s also lightweight, so it’s a lot more convenient to carry around, anytime, anywhere.

Keep your Kindle Powered

Of course, to enjoy maximum use of your Kindle, you must keep it powered at all times. However, its battery is good for only a couple of hours or so, and once it runs out of battery, you have to recharge it to be able to use it again. Good if an outlet is just within your reach, but what if you’re on a long road trip? That won’t be any fun at all. So this is where the SolarKindle Lighted Cover comes in. It features a built-in solar panel that charges the reserve battery for the LED reading light while providing extra power to the Kindle at the same time. So, how’s that for an added functionality to your already reliable cover?

Keep your Kindle Illuminated

Reading even when the main lights are out is possible if you have the SolarKindle Lighted Cover. Yes, it keeps your Kindle illuminated, thanks to its built-in LED reading light which is very much available anytime you need it!

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