KDJ-ONE Lets You Easily Create Music On the Go

If you can easily bring music with you, then creating music on the move should be easy too. Thanks to the new CyberStep KDJ-ONE, making music is uncomplicated and more convenient anywhere you go. The KDJ-ONE is a portable audio workstation that incorporates advanced synthesizer, sequencer, and also audio capabilities. It has a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls coming from multi-touch screen, keypad, as well as jog dial. Its support for ACIDized WAV enables for time stretching and pitch shifting of audio clips while its support for WLAN connection allows the KDJ-ONE for quick wireless integration to any accessible production environment.

The KDJ-ONE comes in a compact design with long battery life making it ideal for on the go use. The notable features of this Linux-based device are 1GHz Atom processor, 512MB RAM, 5-inch 800×480 touchscreen, 4GB flash memory while the controls include a jog wheel, 15-key LED-lit rubber keypad, a D-pad (looks like gameboy buttons), sonic vibrator, and a rumble pack that can help you manipulate the on-board sequencer with as much as 6 tracks per pattern. The internal synthesizer could also be accessed through an external program as a VSTi.

– Maximum Polyphony – 64 voices
– Waveform Memory – 14 MB (Extendable)
– Waveform – 240 Types (Multi-Layered)
– Oscillator – 2 Units 10 algorithms
– Filter – 7 Types
– Modulator – 4 Units, 10 Algorithms (Correspondence to Step Modulator)
– Number of Programs – Preset: 200 Voices, 100 Drum Kits, 100 Audio Clips
– Maximum Audio Volume – 1GB Per Project
– Effects – 20 Types, 2 Systems for Every Track, and Master Effect

– Tracks / Pattern – 6
– Patterns / Song Play – 4
– Resolution – 384tick / Quarter Note
– Tempo – 40 – 400
– Recording Mode – Loop (Real Time) Recording, Step Recording
– Score Editing Mode – Piano Roll
– Pattern Length – 999 Measures
– Song Length – 9,999 Measures
– Number of Patterns – 999 Per Project
– Number of Songs – 99 Per Project

The KDJ-One is available in two prices, $799 without Wi-Fi feature and $829 for the Wi-Fi version.

More Digital Audio Workstation can be found at GeekieStore.

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