Karotz – The First Ever Smart Rabbit Compatible with Social Networks

More and more people today are into social networks as they find these the most convenient way to stay connected to friends and family all over the globe. That is why, if you will notice, social networks may now be accessed not just through PC or laptop but also through smartphones and high-end TVs. Yes, social networks are so in demand, and so it won’t be a surprise if sooner or later, these can be easily accessed via robots too. But wait, who said sooner or later? Because as of today, social networks have conquered the robotic world too. Ever heard about Karotz? It’s the first ever smart rabbit compatible with social networks! And just recently, Violet launched Karotz in the US.

Designed especially for Facebook, Karotz is actually the third generation of the multi-purpose, internet-connected rabbits that first launched in 2005 as Nabaztag. At first look, you might think that it’s nothing but a replica of the typical rabbit. But mind you, this is far beyond that – it basically transforms daily life by providing a link to friends, family, and the world. And today, this is made even more exciting with its Facebook compatibility feature, allowing users to connect to their Facebook account and other social media such as Twitter. So, how cool is that? But wait, there’s more! With this hardware device, your friends can take control of your new companion and communicate with you by sending messages and audio files, use its built-in webcam to see what it sees, and send a poke or move Karotz’ ears and change the color of its light.

Karotz is really a cutesy! For sure, you can’t wait to grab your own!

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