iTwin Multi Offers Secure Remote File Collaboration

Data are valuable commodities and like all other valuable commodities, you don’t want them ending up in the wrong hands. A careless wireless transfer or an unsecure online storage is all it takes to compromise your data or your job. So to avoid any of these problems, you need to have a safer and more secure means of sharing files like what the new iTwin Multi is designed for.

The iTwin Multi is an upgrade for the iTwin and lets users share the files stored on a computer with multiple people simultaneously. Different workgroups and a number of users can connect multiple iTwins to the same PC safely and securely to remotely access, edit and share files without the hassle of complicated email, VPN, or even remote access software. It lets users collaborate especially on many businesses wherein many files, contracts, proposals, and sensitive data are being accessed and shared. The iTwin is the industry’s first and only Plug’N’Play remote file access solution which offers 2-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption. It consists of two identical iTwins and can be used on any computer running on Windows or Mac OS X that is connected to the internet. Simply plug the other iTwin into the computer and then drag and drop files for remote access. These files can now be accessed from any other computer where the other half iTwin is plugged.

The use of iTwin is very practical when accessing pertinent files while on the go. This is even better than the use of traditional USB flash drives and cloud-storage where security, privacy, or affordable capacity is a concern.

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