It’s Got the Looks, It’s Got the Body, It’s Got the Aurb

If you want something radical that looks like it came out straight from a sci-fi futuristic Super Bowl, look no further than the new TEAC Aurb. This latest TEAC Aurb is so far the most radical, class-leading iPod dock you could ever lay your eyes or hear your ears on. It delivers the amazing blend of performance, acoustic quality, flexibility, and striking design that is matchless to any other docking device out there. It redefines the iPod dock and brings you the authentic power that could, simply, mesmerize you.

The TEAC Aurb can play all iPod models and can also charge them while playing. There is also a CD player that is compatible with CD-R/RW, CD, MP3 and WMA discs. In case you want more music choices, you can use the TEAC Aurb’s USB port for playing MP3 files from a memory stick and even use the FM tuner. The TEAC Aurb has 100 watts of clean hi fidelity sound quality distributed through its 1-1/4-inch tweeter and 3-1/2-inch woofer. This dock provides the remarkable sound that you can easily bring anywhere you go. What’s more, the TEAC Aurb comes with a remote control so you can simply take control of your music. The remote can even control your iPod device’s functions.

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