iSport LIVESTRONG In-Ear Headphones – World’s Best Sounding Sports Headphones

We’re raining earphones here at Geekie! Yesterday, we featured the iSport Immersion – the earphones that definitely stay in place even while you do lots of movements. And today is no different – we’re actually giving you more options, so you get to buy the product that best suits your needs. So, what’s in store for you? It’s no other than the iSport LIVESTRONG In-Ear Headphones – the earphones that does not only stay in place but also allow you to help in your own way in the fight against cancer.

Dubbed as the world’s best sounding sports headphones, the iSport Livestrong offers more convenience to sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers like you who need a reliable set of headphones while they do what they love to do. There’s no more stopping you from enjoying every moment of their sports and outdoor activities such as biking, running, or snowboarding as this product is designed with patented SportClips and sound-isolating eartips, providing a more secured and comfortable fit that will not shake or sweat out. And since it comes with OmniTip swivels, you can expect nothing but ultimate comfort and better sound.

Here’s the brief summary of features of this product:

– Patented SportClips and sound-isolating eartips provide a secure, customized fit that will not shake out or sweat out
– OmniTip™ swivels for ultimate comfort and better sound
– ControlTalk Universal for on-cable, hands-free smartphone and mp3 player calling and music control
– LIVESTRONG™ is a registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation
– Washable — easily rinsed clean

Get the iSport LIVESTRONG In-Ear Headphones here today.

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