ION Water Rocker – Relaxing in the Pool with your iPod and iPhone Made Possible

Yes, you can very much bring your iPod or iPhone on your next beach getaway or swimming adventure, but definitely not when you’re in the water. This can be really frustrating especially if you simply want to relax in the water and listen to great music at the same time. You sure don’t want to take the fun out of enjoying the water, do you? So why not take your iPod or iPhone with you in the water instead? Not possible? Well, it depends. Of course, your gadget will get wet if you bring it with you in the water. But if you have the ION Water Rocker with you, it stays safe on dry land while you relax in the pool or beach with great music on the side.

This nifty gadget accessory from ION is designed as a waterproof, ball-shaped speaker that floats right by your side at a beach or in a pool. So, say goodbye to silent relaxation and start enjoying your favorite tunes while your body’s in the water or simply afloat to enjoy the sunshine. Now, you might wonder, where would you place your iPhone or iPod then? Well, this one includes a wireless transmitter, so you can let it rest there – keeping it safe and dry at all times. But hey, this accessory isn’t just for iPod and iPhone! You can actually plug it in any audio source. And since one water rocker transmitter can support up to 9 additional water rocker speakers, you can throw a really cool summer pool party at that with high-quality sound on the side.

Key Features

* Stereo, wireless speaker and transmitter with 100-foot range
* Perfect for pools, hot tubs, lakes or bringing to the beach
* Fully waterproof and submersible (level IPX7)
* Add up to 10 speakers from a single transmitter
* Transmitter with 1/8-inch jack for connecting iPod, iPhone or other audio devices
* Built-In FM radio

Get the ION Water Rocker here.

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