Increase Room Safety using Rosewill Travel Tag

Traveling requires you to add extra safety measure not just for the things you bring but for your own safety as well. This should be done if you’re in an unfamiliar place and staying in a paid lodging or any hotel room. Though there are safety and security measures implemented on these places, you can still add ways to increase safety measures to help keep you and your belongings out of intruders. One of such ways is the use of the Rosewill Travel Alarm.

The Rosewill Travel Alarm is your next travel buddy that adds extra security to the door of your hotel room. It can be quickly and easily set up by simply hanging it on the door knob and inserting the door clip sensor right into the door gap. It helps guard the door or even

window from any possible intruders. Once there’s a forced entry, it creates up to 100 decibels of pitch alarm within a distance of 1 meter. The alarming mode can last up to 45 minutes using its battery. The battery life can even last for up to 10-12 months under stand-by mode while up to 3.5 hours at LED mode. The LED light feature can be used during emergencies. Every package contains two Travel Tags.

Get your own Rosewill travel tags here.

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