iLaunch Thunder – The Missile Launcher Made for iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” But if your work schedule is so hectic, thus you hardly find time to go on a mini-vacation, then you have no choice but to make the workplace as stress-free as possible. How about starting some serious office warfare? Not the type that will cause conflict though; just something that’s for fun and will sure relieve everyone from stress. Hmmm does everyone own an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad? If yes, then that’s good! Everyone – grab this iLaunch Thunder and get ready to declare office war!

So, what does this product do? It’s actually a missile launcher that is made for various Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. For sure, at first, you’ll think that it’s just designed for kids, but it’s actually not. Even those who are kids at heart will sure have a fun time playing with this tech toy. It features a 270°horizontal rotation, a vertical flexibility of more than 40°, and a shooting distance of around 25 feet that is just perfect to cover even above 1,400 square feet of workspace. And since it uses Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect it to your Apple device and control it with so much flexibility. How cool is that? But hey, this geek toy is not just for indoor use. You can actually use this outdoors too and battle with other iLaunch Thunder users.

Ready for some office and outdoor warfare? Go and grab the iLaunch Thunder here now!

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GSi Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder For iPOD iPHONE iPad Wireless Controlled
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Dream Cheeky ILaunch Thunder For IPhone, IPod, IPad
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Dream Cheeky ILaunch Thunder For IPhone, IPod, IPad
Dream Cheeky ILaunch Thunder F...
Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder for iPhone, iPod, iPad
Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder f...

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