iHome NB639B – Not Your Typical Type of Earphones

If you want to take your listening experience to the next level, you need to do away with your old set of earphones and replace them with more exciting ones. There are actually lots of new types in the market – some with noise-canceling feature, others with more advanced feature like an integrated heart rate monitor. If you are thinking about getting the latter, there’s one name that you can trust for this particular product, and it’s none other than iHome. iHome offers india cheap viagra you a wide array of choices for all your audio products needs – and one of these is the iHome INB639B 2-IN-1 Sport Earbuds/Earhooks with Heart Rate Monitor & Pedometer.

This product from iHome is not your typical earphones as it features a heart rate monitor and a pedometer. As you can see in the image, the earphones have something else attached to them besides the iPod nano. The unit that you can see there actually works like a heart rate monitor, thus you can use it to detect your heart rate in your thumb at a touch of a button. Once it detects your heart rate info, it will then speak that piece of information in your ear through the headphones, and save it. Isn’t that cool? And what’s more amazing about this is that it also includes a button to start a workout, and the clip-on unit that you see functions also as a pedometer and data recorder. So you see, you’ve got a 3-in-1 device there, which is truly unique from the other earphones that you know.

Interested? Then, get the iHome NB639B here today!

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