iHome IDM5 – The Executive SpaceSaver Station

Your iPad’s cool features are enough to make everything convenient for you – from surfing the web and accessing emails to listening to mp3s and videos and creating reports even on the go, there’s no doubt that the iPad is more than just an app gaming gadget, but it definitely offers more. And since more and more people have come to love this cool gadget, iPad accessories have also grown in demand. If you’ve got an iPad, what are the accessories you’ve got so far? Speakers? Case? Headsets? Why not add the iHome IDM5 to your list?

Also known as the Executive

SpaceSaver Station, the IDM5 is a workstation that’s basically designed to pair with your iPad, so typing becomes a whole lot easier for you. If you’ll ask iPad users if what’s one of the most inconvenient features of the iPad for them, they’ll reply in unison – the keyboard. Although not all iPad users consider this an issue, well most of those who use their iPad for making reports, corresponding in emails, and chatting with clients, friends, or loved ones abroad, find it rather difficult to type on the screen as compared to the typical QWERTY keyboard. iHome knows exactly the challenge that iPad users go through, thus the company launched the Executive SpaceSaver Station as a solution.

But hey, the use of the IDM5 is not limited to your iPad. If you have other brands of tablets, you can always pair them up with this cool workstation. And what’s even more exciting about this is that, it is packed with Bluetooth capabilities alongside a 3.5mm audio jack.

Interested? Order the iHome IDM5 here.

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