iHome iA63 – App-Enhanced Alarm Clock, FM Radio, and Dock in One

Before, your parents or grandparents’ notion of an alarm clock, FM radio, and phone are three different devices, each with their own function. Now, these devices are pretty much one and the same, especially with the introduction of the new iHome iA63 alarm clock, FM radio, and dock for iPhone or iPod. And unlike other ordinary clock, radio, and dock devices out there, the new iA63 comes with next generation, app-enhanced, and space saving features and design.

The iA63’s alarm does away with the annoying buzz and rings of the regular alarm clock, this device allows you to wake and sleep with your favorite sounds from your iPhone, iPod, or preferred FM Radio station. The alarm’s snooze time can be set between anywhere between 1 to 29 minutes and its volume can set to gradually increase or decrease as not to startle you as you wake up or disturb you as you go to sleep. Whether sounding the alarm or playing your favorite iTunes music, you won’t be disappointed with the iA63’s sound enhanced Reson8 speaker chamber that delivers audio in amazing depth and clarity. Furthermore, the iA63 features a motorized rotating dock that can charge and play your iPhone or iPod in either landscape or portrait mode for enhanced musical or movie experience. The dock rotation, unit control, and audio menu can be controlled by a full feature remote.

The iA63 includes support for iHome, iHome Sleep, and iHome Radio applications and comes with app-friendly audio detection circuitry.

Get an iHome iA63 here.

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