iCufflinks – World’s First Open Source Electronic Cufflinks

If you want to stand out from the crowd during a special event, you dress to kill, right? For women, this can be very easy since there are lots of designs for dresses and choices for make-up, hairdo, and accessories. But for men, this can be quite a struggle. Adafruit Industries, a New York City based open-source hardware company that sells kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects, knows this fact and so, the company has added the iCufflinks to their growing list of choices.

Dubbed as the world’s first open source electronic cufflinks, the iCufflinks are Mac-inspired On/Off switches that are made out of aluminum with LED lights inserted within, which can be programmed to pulsate to the user’s chosen rhythm. If before you settle on using company pins, loyalty pins, or other sorts of pins to accessorize your get-up, today the iCufflinks are a much better choice because these are perfect visual signifiers for your wealth and status. And since these come with inserted LED lights that you can program to pulsate your preferred rhythm, you will definitely be an attention-grabber as these iCufflinks are new and unique.

So, why continue to struggle to look distinctive from the rest during an event? In fact, a necklace version is also coming soon – so that’s definitely something to look forward to. For now, go and try having these Mac-inspired On/Off switches and see how these will look on you. Get the iCufflinks here today.

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