iBuKu Pets – Make Them your Child’s Next Best Pal

Adults love technology, but so do kids. Yes, according to a survey, lots of kids age one to 12 also want an iOS device for their birthday or any occasion at that such as Christmas. However, some parents find it pricey to give one as gift, so they settle on letting their kids play their old phones that otherwise could have wound up in a landfill. But the question is, “How safe it is to let small children play with old tech toys?” Also, “Do you think your kid will have fun time playing with them as they are already aged smartphones?” If you are looking into a safe and fun experience for your kid with your old phones at that, then make the iBuKu Pets your child’s next best pal.

Combining a huggable device protector and a tech toy element of meaningful play in one, the iBuKu Pets are the best gifts you can ever give to your child on his/her next birthday. If your child is into geek gadgets, he/she will definitely love this product as this features a soft body that will expand to house a smartphone or iPod Touch. Yes, your old phone is protected as well since this is made with cushiony shell, providing your child with fun play while keeping your device safe at the same time. But what makes this product more exciting is that it offers dozens of practical applications which very much include an alarm clock, a wireless battery charger, a night light, a still and video camera, a music player, and an educational toy that is just perfect for kids age three to 12.

Considering all these great features, the iBuKu Pets are truly amazing. Want to see more gadget options for your kids? Check out these learning tablet options.

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