iBGStar Helps Manage Diabetes the More Convenient Way

Living with a type-1 diabetes is no fun. You have to be extremely cautious about what you eat and drink, and more importantly, you need to constantly monitor your blood sugar to know if there’s sudden rise in your blood sugar level. The first one can be easy – simply avoid foods and drinks that will trigger the rise in blood sugar level. However, the second one, which is monitoring your blood sugar, can be quite an inconvenience. And if you ask diabetics one thing that they hate most about having the disease, they’ll immediately reply it’s the monitoring of blood sugar that they dread most about. Good thing, there’s now a solution to this, and it’s made even more convenient. Introducing the iBGStar!

The iBGStar is a new device that allows diabetics to manage their condition using none other than their iPhone. If in the past you rely on traditional blood glucose monitors (BGMs) which is usually palm-sized, now it’s only 1-inch long, so that makes it more convenient for you to carry around. Simply plug it straight into your iPhone or iPod touch and its software will carry out the analysis and flashes the results onto the screen. That easy! This can also be used to follow changing trends and variations, and factors-in information like carbohydrate intake, insulin injections, and exercise.

Just knowing that high blood sugar can lead to serious complications like damage to the heart, kidneys, nerves and eyes, it’s really a must that you constantly monitor your blood sugar level. Check out more blood glucose monitoring system here.

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