HyperJuice Plug – Extends Battery Life of your Apple Gadgets

If you’re a heavy Apple gadget user, then you need to bring with you its charger at all times. This is especially true if you will be away for long. However, there are times that even while in the middle of your road trip or flight, you lose battery. What do you do when this happens? Wait for the trip or flight to be over and find the nearest place or station where you can juice it up? That can be very frustrating, especially if you are expecting an important call or if you need to finish a report fast. So

the next time you travel, be sure you equip yourself with the HyperJuice Plug.

Designed mainly for iPad and iPhone, this HyperJuice Plug comes with 2 high-powered USB ports, which are capable of charging 2 USB devices at the same time. So in case you run out of juice for your iPad and iPhone at the same time, you need not wait for the first one to finish charging because you can very much charge them simultaneously. As a matter of fact, even if there are two iPads that you need recharging, you can always make use of this for convenience. For your iPad 1 and 2, battery life is extended by this for up to 14 hours. For the New iPad, on the other hand, battery life is extended by up to 9 hours. And for the iPhone, battery life is extended up to 7 times.

You don’t really have to wait for long just to get your Apple gadgets recharged because the HyperJuice Plug can very much help you on that. Check out more HyperJuice products here.

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