HP Z1 WORKSTATION – An All-in-One Workstation with Swap-Out Design

The new HP Z1 Workstation is a professional workstation that is built in an all-in-one design with superb computing performance to meet the demanding needs of customers. It combines the full potential of a computer unit and outstanding elegance in one package making it perform with no compromise. The HP Z1 Workstation is the only all-in-one workstation that is powered by quad-core Intel Xeon processors with professional graphics and ECC memory. This means ultra-fast running of applications and no crashes of programs. To even provide genuine workstation-class application performance, the HP Z1 Workstation uses NVIDIA Quadro graphics that is totally certified and optimized with a wide range of industry-leading apps like AutoDesk, Solidworks and Adobe. The NVIDIA Quadro lineup additionally allows running of NVIDIA CUDA accelerated applications including Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas and Autodesk 3ds Max.

What’s more interesting about the HP Z1 Workstation is its snap-on design that lets you easily add a hard drive, upgrade the memory, or access the graphics card by just snapping it open and swap the parts yourself when making upgrades. The HP Z1 Workstation is even customizable with many input and output functions like

USB 3.0 and your choice of optical drives, like the slot-load Blu-ray Writer. You can also choose from a variety of storage types like SSD options, 7.2K and 10K SATA, optional RAID configurations, and a media card reader. The HP Z1 Workstation has a crystal clear 27-inch diagonal LED-backlit display with a wide, 178-degree viewing angle and an IPS panel.

You can get HP Z1 workstation here.

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