HP Elitebook 8770W- Your New Elite Mobile Work Station

Elite – the most powerful, rich, gifted, or educated members or a group. No finer word would describe the new HP Elitebook 8770W Mobile Work Station. This 17.3-inch laptop comes with the high performance professional graphics, extreme raw processing power, and a chiseled design that radiates elegance. The Elitebook 8770W is no doubt built for business, even minor and often overlooked details were given attention by HP to assert its professionalism as seen on the mobile workstation’s 4.5-hour battery life, craftsmanship, and choice of materials including wear and smudge-resistant DuraFinish and optional backlit keyboard.

The HP Elitebook 8770W is powered by the latest 3rd generation Intel processors and customers can choose whether they want a quad-core i7 or dual-core i7 and i5 on their system, all of which comes with Turbo Boost Technology. Units with dual core processors have two 1600MHz DDR3 memory slots while units with quad-core processors have four memory slots capable of holding up to 32GB worth of RAM. These processors also support Intel’s Smart Response Technology that speeds up system boot and application start up. The Elitebook 8770W also comes with the latest workstation-grade graphics powered by either AMD or NVIDIA. This means that the 8770W will come with full Open GL and DirectX 11 support, outstanding color matching, and multi-display technology that allow users to view and do five things simultaneously on up to five computer screens.

For storage, the Elitebook 8770W supports up to 2TB of storage space for HDD and up to 256GB for SSD. It also comes with an upgrade bay that can accommodate an optical drive or a third hard drive.

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