Hobo Lantern – Carry Things In It and Light It Up!

It can be really frustrating looking for your car keys inside your bag in the dark. And it’s doubly frustrating if it happens to be in the middle of the night and you’re alone at a parking lot or outside your home. That’s why, it pays to have a mini flashlight handy or to have your phone installed with a flashlight app. But if you’re not open to the idea of carrying a flashlight with you all the time or using your phone to light up your bag, then you better use a bag that lights up then. Where to get one? Well, you can easily order one online and it’s called the Hobo Lantern.

Inspired by the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona, the Hobo Lantern is more than just for carrying stuff – it actually lights up! Thanks to its energy-efficient LED light source, now you need not fumble for your keys or miss an important call from your mobile phone simply because it takes you more than a minute to locate it inside your bag at nighttime. It simply uses a portable battery pack, so all you need to do is put 8 AA batteries on it. And since it comes with a cork peg that is magnetic, you can definitely hang it with so much ease and convenience.

It’s such a good thing that LED lights are also integrated in bags these days. Are you also in need of LED lights for your home? Then, check out our LED lights options here.

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