Have Your Own Private Instructor at Home with the Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat

Do you do yoga? If yes, well that’s good because you’ll sure reap the many benefits that go with this exercise – physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, where do you do yoga? Is it at the gym near you, so you can take advantage of the lessons given by an instructor? Or is it at your very home and get to hire your own private instructor? Hmmm, either of the two can be a bit pricey. So, do you want to enjoy savings yet still feel like having your own private instructor at home? If you do, then consider getting the Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat!

This yoga mat is not your typical mat as it features a small-built in speaker, so you can meditate or workout while listening to our instructional yoga program that you can easily download for free. This program is given by no other than the world-renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee. So, why go through the hassle of going to a yoga class to take advantage of lessons given by a yoga instructor or hire your very own just so you can do yoga at home if you can let Rodney take you to an at-home private yoga session? That’s right! This yoga mat makes yoga lessons a lot more convenient for you, not to mention you can play your own music with it too as it is designed to connect with your MP3 player or iPod for music any time. So, what else would you need?

To order your very own Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat, click here.

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