Have that Thrilling Entertainment Experience with the Gigabyte D1080

If your main reason why you get the S1080 is to enjoy its features like movie and music player, then you need an equally reliable docking station that will allow you to enjoy this cool gadget at a maximum. Although holding it with your hands while listening to your favorite tunes or watching your favorite downloaded movies will do, still nothing compares to the convenience that a docking station provides. But when it comes to choosing this gadget accessory for your S1080, of course there’s no better partner to that than from the maker itself – the Gigabyte D1080.

Featuring a DVD drive and a powerful audio system, the Gigabyte D1080 turns your S1080 into a thrilling entertainment center, taking you to a blissful experience while listening to your favorite tunes and watching movies. Yes, your S1080 may be a high-performing multitasking 10.1″ slate, but apart from work, it also makes a great company when it comes to relaxation – and it’s even more fun when paired with the D1080.

The D1080 also comes full packed with I/O ports, including HDMI, D-sub, USB, and more. So aside from your S1080, most of your peripheral devices can also be connected to this docking station, providing awesome expandability and multiple usage scenarios. And one more, it also charges your device when it’s docked. So, no worries about running out of battery for your beloved gadget while enjoying great music and videos.

With all these features and more, the Gigabyte D1080 really makes a perfect partner for your S1080. But feel free to check out more tablet docking station options here.

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