Have Lucid Dreams with Remee

Want to see only the dreams that you want to see? Or how about controlling your dreams as to how you want them to be? At some point in our lives, we’ve already tried manipulating our dreams but to no avail – like when we had that horrible dream when someone tried to chase us but we felt ourselves trapped in a place with no means of any escape. Or perhaps, when we felt we’re having a nightmare, and we struggled to move just to get out of that frightening dream. Now, we can counter all these with lucid dreams. Don’t know how to achieve them? Well, here’s a gadget to help you on that – it’s called Remee.

The innovative Remee is a sleep mask designed to help you achieve lucid dreams that can be controlled. At first look, this appears to be just like the viagra in the uk typical mask, but it’s actually not as it features six red LED lights that are visible to the brain but do not disturb your sleep. Once you enter REM or rapid eye movement sleep, which is the deep stage of sleep, the lights turn on to indicate that you are starting to dream. This, then, gives you the opportunity to dream only what you want to see and dismiss what you don’t. However, you have to note that while this geek gadget could help you have lucid dreams, at times it will not do so.

Do you think it’s worth the try? If not, well you can always look at other eye mask options here, feel free to check them out.

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