Have an Ultimate Aquatic Audio Experience using Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphones

Listening to music adds more enjoyment to any activity you’re into like when you jog, on a workout, cooking, cleaning the house, and many more. Usually, music time is limited on dry environment as MP3 players and earphones are not always waterproof. Good thing, Pyle created the new Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphones Package so you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs even while you’re on water especially while swimming.

The Pyle Waterproof MP3 Player and Headphones Package comes with a player that can be easily clipped on to the goggles and is watertight using an ergonomic soft silicon material to keep it safe from water damage. The ear-hanger type headphones, on the other hand, are designed for a comfortable fit including the three extra different sizes PWPE10W Waterproof Marine Headphones Earbuds. These headphones are with ultra-slim design and secure fit as you can choose sizes

from the additional earbuds. They use a standard 3.5mm headphone jack making them work with iPod, iPhone, Sansa, Zune, and almost any MP3 player, mobile phones, and other devices that use the same audio plug diameter.

The player’s rechargeable battery can provide up to 7 hours of continuous playback for longer listening. This Pyle device also uses high speed USB 2.0 connection cable for convenient music transfer and charging. It can play MP3 & WMA audio formats and can carry up to 4GB of music capacity.

Get your own Pyle waterproof MP3 player here!

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