Griffin Simplifi – A Hub, A Card Reader, and A Charging Dock in One

When you first got your iPhone, of course you never think about the other accessories that you’d be needing in order to maximize it. For you, as long as you’re enjoying all its features, nothing else matters. But later on, when you start using it for viewing videos, listening to your playlist, and more, you’ll realize that in order to truly enjoy this gadget, you need to use other essential accessories with it such as a charging dock, a USB reader, and a hub. Now, why get these accessories separately if you can get one that provides all three? Introducing the all-new Griffin Simplifi!

True to its name, this product simplifies all the other essential functions that your iPhone needs such as charging, file transferring, and synching with other USB-enabled devices. As a hub, this includes USB ports, so you can plug in all your other devices such as cameras, flash drives, scanners, printers, keyboards, and external hard drives. Meanwhile, as a charging dock, this can be used to juice your iPhone while its docked for your viewing or listening pleasure. And no need to get for a separate card reader as this can already serve as one.

Summary of features:

– Charge/sync dock for iPhone and iPod
– Reads and writes the most popular digital media cards, including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, SDHC, xD and CF (CompactFlash)
– 2-port powered USB hub with included AC adapter
– A simple, versatile way to de-clutter your desktop

To get the Griffin Simplifi, click here.

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