Grace Digital Eco Terra Boombox – The All-in-One Outdoor Speakers and Protection for Your Music Player

Finally a product that really puts a big boom in boombox – the new Eco Terra is a rugged, waterproof, and floating boombox case for iPhone and mp3 player that does not only offer the perfect outdoor protection but music experience as well. It features two large waterproof stereo speakers powered by batteries or AC power adaptor. Its two full range 3-inch forward firing speakers deliver crystal clear audio reproduction no matter what the device’s orientation or position. The Eco Terra doesn’t only hold and protect your precious music player, its waterproof storage can also hold your keys, cards, driver’s license and moneys to secure them from sand, sun and the water.

The Eco Terra takes being tough to a new level, its IPX7-certified rugged industrial design does not only keep your music player completely dry but also protects it from extreme weather, dirt, snow, and shock. Even its earphone jack is fully waterproofed making it a perfect pair for Grace Digital’s waterproof earbuds. Eco Terra also comes with a unique exterior pressure release valve to ensure air tight protection and easy shell opening in both low and high altitudes.

For those who want to listen to their music on the pool side, beach, or while on the water, they would surely love Eco Terra’s added floating and auto rotate feature that viagra canada always set the speakers pointed up whenever on the water so that they can always listen to their favorite music whether in, on, or by the water.

Get a Waterproof Eco Terra Boombox here!

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